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11 Weird Search Engines listed in PC Magazine Sept  2007 page 72 was listed but I could not get it to open already listed, good luck with these.

Axandra Search Engine Facts 07/29/08

Regular Search Engines:
Meta Search Engines, searches multiple search engines:  Oldest of the Meta Engines

Other Top Choices


Meta search engine for the US and several European countries, as well as in various subject areas. Has ability to save your results for easy rerunning at a future point.


Formerly a crawled-based search engine, Excite was acquired by InfoSpace in 2002 and uses the same underlying technology as the other InfoSpace meta search engines, but maintains its own portal features.


Fazzle offers a highly flexible and customizable interface to a wide variety of information sources, ranging from general web results to specialized search resources in a number of subject specific categories. Formerly called SearchOnline.


Gimenei queries an undisclosed number of search engines and removes duplicates from results. Its most useful feature is an advanced search form that allows you to limit your search to a specific country.


In a compact format, InfoGrid provides direct links to major search sites and topical web sites in different categories. Meta search and news searching is also offered.

Infonetware RealTerm Search

This site is primarily designed to demonstrate classification technology from Infogistics. It's a meta search engine, and it does topical classification of results, like Vivisimo. However, it is unique in that you can select several different topics, then "drill down" to see results from all of them, rather than being restricted to the results from only one topic. 


Ithaki is probably the most "global" of all meta search engines, available in 14 languages and offering more than 35 different categories for limiting your search. In addition, Ithaki offers country specific search, querying only local search engines rather than the regional versions of the major search engines.


Meta search against AltaVista, AllTheWeb and Inktomi, with the ability to create an "exclusion list" to block pages from particular web sites being included. For example, want to meta search only against .org sites? French version also offered.


One of the oldest meta search services, MetaCrawler began in July 1995 at the University of Washington. MetaCrawler was purchased by InfoSpace, an online content provider, in Feb. 97.


Search against several major search engines and paid listings services. Offers a nice option to see Alexa info about pages that are listed.

One Blink - 1Blink

Metasearch against several major search engines or within subject categories.


Brings back listings from several major search engines as well as "Invisible Web" resources. Formerly based at the University of Kansas, the site was purchased by search company Intelliseek in April 2000.

Query Server

Search against major web-wide search engines, as well as major news, health, money and government search services.


Turbo10 is a metasearch Engine accesses both traditional web search engines and some invisible web databases, with a very speedy interface. (Review: Make way for the contender to Google's crown, The Register, May 30, 2003) is a meta search engine operated by CNET. It offers both web-wide search and a wide variety of specialty search options. absorbed SavvySearch in October 1999. SavvySearch was one of the older metasearch services, around since May 1995 and formerly based at Colorado State University.


Formerly a crawled-based search engine owned by Excite, Webcrawler was acquired by InfoSpace in 2002 and uses the same underlying technology as the other InfoSpace meta search engines, but offers a fast and clean, ad-free interface.


Provides a variety of ways to sort the results retrieved, plus provides interesting visualization tools and other features. (Review: ZapMeta: A Promising New Meta Search Engine, Feb. 26, 2004)

Specialty Choices

The metacrawlers listed below let you meta search in specific subject areas.

Family Friendly Search

Meta search service that queries major kid-friendly search engines.

Searches 15 U.K. engines. The advanced search form allows you to change the order that results are presented, either by speed or manually to suit your own preferences.

Watson for the Macintosh

Watson is a "Swiss Army Knife" with nineteen interfaces to web content and services -- an improvement on Sherlock, with nearly twice as many tools, including Google Searching.

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